How did "You Can't Say That: Memphis Mane Edition" come about?

Hey everyone, my name is Jamal and I’m the creator of “You Can’t Say That: Memphis Mane” edition. I’m an entrepreneur that hosts trivia nights and has a few podcasts as well. But most importantly, I’m a native Memphian who loves his city.

This past holiday season I was looking for a new game to add to our “Friendsgiving” but I couldn’t find anything to meet my fancy. You can only play Cards against Humanity or Black Card Revoked or even Jenga so many times before you’re looking for something new.

So I created what I called at the time “Memphis Taboo”. I came up with about 75 words that had ties to the history of Memphis. People, places, restaurants, high schools. Everything. Both Past and Present. The goal was to evoke certain memories while you’re playing. I printed them out and cut them so they would fit in plastic sleeves and brought them to the Friendsgiving. And it was a hit! You can actually see some video footage in the promo video on this page.

The group really enjoyed it and told me I should try and make it into a real game. After a few months of market research and some conversations with those in the business, here we are!

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